PHI Networks Ltd

PHI Networks is a computer cabling company based in Headley, Hampshire. It specialises in the planning and installation of data cable networks for both the public and private sectors.

After meeting Anu at a networking event, the company sought out A&N to work with them in taking the business forward as an incorporated business.

“There was no question that Anu really knew her stuff,” said Margaret Hemus, Co-Director, PHI Networks Ltd. “She explained both the short-term and long-term benefits of changing our status and although it would increase admin, we could see how it would enable us to better achieve our goals.”

Since then A&N has been instrumental in guiding PHI to achieve their long-term vision for the company. Margaret tells of one situation where A&N were particularly helpful.

“We had entered a new sector. We knew that it was low margin but we felt the volume of work would make it profitable. However, when we compared our year-on-year accounts, although our workload had increased considerably, our profit did not reflect the effort,” said Margaret

PHI has since decided to leave the sector and concentrate on markets that offer a better return.

“When you are working hard to achieve growth, it’s not always clear how the decisions you are making are affecting your business. I feel like I can pick up the phone at any time and get the advice I need. A&N give us the confidence that we are making the right decisions,” said Margaret.

Since working with A&N margins at PHI have increased.

“To have someone like A&N who can hold your hand through the rigours of growth and change is a real asset. They are both professional and friendly. We feel valued,” concluded Margaret.