RT Mechanics Ltd

RT Mechanics Ltd specialises in the repair of Volvos, BMWs and Minis.

Its owners were prompted to seek out a new accountant when they stopped getting the quality of service they’d enjoyed from their existing provider. They had just added BMW and Mini to their operation and essential questions about how to manage their finances and grow efficiently were not being addressed.

“It felt like we had been placed at the bottom of the pile at a vital time for our business,” said Russell Thompson, Director, RT Mechanics Ltd. When you need a quick answer to an important question, you don’t expect to have to ask over and over again before you get a response.”

Russell was introduced to A&N by a customer.

“We were immediately impressed. You’d expect an accountant to be interested in the figures and nothing else, but they were clearly interested in us,” said Russell.

Over the last 2 years A&N has been involved in many areas of RT’s business from identifying ways of gaining more business without compromising on service to communicating bonus schemes to staff and dealing with the inevitable tension that can arise.

“Rather than accountants, it feels more like a coaching or mentoring service with the benefit of working with someone who really understands how to make your business grow,” said Russell.

Since working with A&N, RT Mechanics has enjoyed greater efficiencies, increased profits and a more positive and fruitful working relationship between the principles of the company. This has enabled the directors to have more time away from the business.

“The business doesn’t feel overwhelming. Even though there will always be challenges, the pressure feels like it has been taken off,” said Russell.