SLS Foods Ltd

Ataur Rahman is a restauranter and for the past 23 years has been the proud owner of Guildford based Rajdoot Tandoori restaurant.

He was introduced to A&N in 1992. The business had been investigated by HMRC and he felt let down by his accountant. He’d done nothing wrong, at least not knowingly and had received a hefty fine.

While he ran a tight ship in the kitchen, financially, he had fallen foul of grey tax areas that are synonymous with cash intensive businesses like restaurants and did not have the tight reporting needed to fully prove compliance.

“HMRC are extremely vigilant with businesses like ours that deal in cash,” said Ataur Rahman, Owner, Karishma Ltd. If your reporting is not completely watertight you can easily fall victim to the consequences of failure to prove compliance. Running a restaurant is not just a full time job. It takes all of your time. You therefore need someone you trust looking after your financial affairs. I found that trust in A&N.”

Since A&N has taken over his accounting and reporting, Ataur has found a partner that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Karishma Ltd has been investigated once more by HMRC and was potentially looking at another heavy fine. This time the records were impeccable and easily compliant in all matters as they were maintained and controlled by A&N on a timely basis throughout the year.

Working with A&N ensured that the enquiry was dealt with swiftly and not one penny was paid in fines.

“I no longer worry about my finances. A&N has shown me how to manage my financial affairs and enabled me to keep very tight control of the purse strings. My staff are now far more effective at managing our costs. They know that if our overheads get out of control, Anu and her team will pick up on it very quickly. Every business should have a trusted mentor like A&N” said Ataur.